The Dark Side Isn’t So Bad

Who doesn't love chocolate? It’s everyone’s weakness and has quite the reputation for being something that you should stay away from for being “too sweet” or “too high in calories,” but does that mean all chocolate is bad? Enter dark chocolate, the “mature” candy with a bold, often-bitter taste. It was first consumed by the [...]

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Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Today is commonly dedicated to love, and the idea of having no plans can be scary. The stress of making it the perfect day for your partner can be overwhelming, but so can spending time by yourself. No matter what you’re planning to do, there are some things you can do or things you can [...]

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Speaking the Language(s) of Love

Everyone approaches relationships differently. People come from different backgrounds with different perspectives, different expectations and different likes and dislikes. However, just about everyone is searching for the same thing: love. Everyone needs love — in fact our human nature requires it — but it can be difficult to find perfect compatibility with someone.  According to [...]

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Try Turmeric! The Secret Superfood

With all the buzz around new superfoods like acai, goji berries and chia seeds, we’ve forgotten about one of the most ancient spices that has been celebrated for centuries as both a delicious food and medicine — turmeric. The beautiful gold color you see when you have a curry dish, the golden lattes on Pinterest and iconic new vegan options all feature this [...]

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Show Your Liver Some Love with Liver Supporting Foods

Think of the liver as the body’s toxin processing plant. Most toxins, like pesticides, household cleaning agents, dry-cleaning chemicals and hormone disruptors in beauty products, are fat-soluble. In order to be eliminated from the body, fat-soluble toxins must be converted to a water-soluble form. The liver accomplishes this through a two-step process with the help [...]

Show Your Liver Some Love with Liver Supporting Foods