Food Myths: Part Three

By Isabella Sorresso Welcome back to part three, our final segment, of debunking popular food myths. We’ve gone over five other myths the past couple of weeks and we’re not stopping there! Today we’re going over which types of things are actually fattening rather than which foods you think are fattening. Calories Eaten at Night [...]

Protein Powder vs. Natural Protein: Which is the Superior Source?

By Lauren Fischer, NTC Our hunter-gatherer ancestors recognized the importance of protein in the diet and went to great lengths to hunt and fish natural sources of the valuable nutrient. Lucky for us, sourcing protein has become much easier. We can bring home pre-butchered meat with the swipe of a credit card or choose double [...]

Food Myths: Part Two

By Isabella Sorresso Last week we debunked three common food myths about shopping the perimeter, frozen vs. fresh produce and why we crave certain foods. This week we’re bringing you two more. Though dieting trends seem to pop out of nowhere and have reliable enough backing, a lot of it is all talk. Don’t just [...]