Happy AND Healthy Hour: How Moderate Alcohol Use Can Be Good for You

By Tracy Wright We know that a glass of wine after a long day can help to relax us, and long-term research has shown that drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation can actually be good for you, red wine in particular. A study conducted at Amsterdam's VU University Medical Center showed that moderate alcohol drinkers have [...]

Catch of the Day

By Melissa Smith Seared, fried, baked, grilled — you will find scallops prepared just the way you like in almost every restaurant along the coast of Florida. But they taste even better after you have put in the work to catch, clean and cook them yourself. Why scalloping? One of the best things about scalloping [...]

Living with OCD

Living with OCD: How to Understand this Complex Condition and Get Help By Tracy Wright Many people associate obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with actions like excessive hand washing or folding towels in a specific way. While these can be symptoms of OCD, the condition itself is much more complex and can be truly debilitating to those who [...]

The CrossFit Craze

By Natalie Richoux & Colleen McTiernan | Photos shot on-location at Dynasty CrossFit by Jimmy Ho Photography Fumbling through the gym to find the perfect spot for a photo of the CrossFitters, I found an ideal location but it was blocked by an impenetrable (to me) wall of weights. After giving my weak arm muscles [...]

Food Myths: Part One

By Isabella Sorresso It seems as though there is a new dieting fad every week that claims to be better than the last. But, in many of these trends, there are also several dieting myths that have been widely accepted without proper backing just because they sound right. So, despite what you might have heard from one [...]