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7 of the Lamest Workout Excuses, Ever!

We’ve all made excuses to avoid working out. Even the most motivated of us have fallen prey to a lazy day. But it's important that we don't let these excuses become the norm and keep us from leading healthy lives. The following are some excuses used to avoid exercise partnered with ways to overcome the urge to skip a workout. 1. "I don’t have enough time.” This is definitely the most [...]

The Journey of a Germ

By Tracy Wright “I’m always ready to travel, though my trips are never was time to hit the road when Robert sneezed in his hand. So here comes his old buddy Bill, his handshake was so rm; I climbed aboard his hand and went on the journey of a germ.” These verses of a [...]

Easy Snacks for Healthy Travel

By Amanda Roland With the summer finally here, we can start getting ready for those vacations we’ve been dreaming about all year. Long road trips, plane rides, mountain hikes and beach days can be full of adventure, but they also can make us exhausted –and hungry! While the cookies, chips and gummy bear isles can [...]