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Tips for Optimizing Your Luggage Space!

By Renee Castro The start of summer means that it’s time to go explore the world and start a new adventure! For many of us, traveling is like a second nature. We frequent work trips and book our vacation days way too far in advance, so packing for a trip is like riding a bike. [...]

The Importance of Cardio

By Chris Pregony What if I told you that you could improve nearly every aspect of your life in just 30 minutes every day? Some people may be intrigued, while others are lost at the every day part. Know this, we were made to move. The multitude of medical issues that plague humankind in this [...]

Beauty, Brains and Barbells

Tell us about your lifestyle. Why did you choose to integrate school and bodybuilding? I am in my last semester of my undergrad at the University of Florida pursuing a computer science engineering degree. With my degree, I hope to foster an inclusive computing culture that exposes young children to computer science(s) and addresses the [...]

Food Is Not Your Enemy: How to Be Healthier by Ditching The FAD Diet

By Taylor McLamb As humans, we’re required to eat, it’s nourishment that keeps our internal fire burning, giving us the much-needed energy to conquer our day. Unfortunately, the diet industry in America has negatively impacted our relationship with food by labeling food groups as good or bad, reinforcing the association of guilt when eating, which [...]