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We Tried It!

Looking for a new cardio routine that offers varying intensity with low impact? Wondering what kombucha tea is and why everyone seems to be drinking it? The Wellness360 team has got you covered! Cycling Workout at Full Circle Cycle Studio Although none of us had ever taken a cycling class before, four team members were [...]

Guide to Stationary Bikes

  By Christopher Pregony, BS, CSCS For many of us, making time to go for bike ride can be difficult or downright impossible. Sometimes working out at home is the ONLY option. Cycling has long been an effective means of burning calories while having fun. There are several different types of stationary bikes that can [...]

Supplements Worth the Price

By Isabella Sorresso Each day, the food you eat gives you a certain number of vitamins, but you still might not be getting a sufficient amount. Ideally, we should be getting most of our daily vitamin and mineral intake from a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and protein. However, if you’re consuming a less than [...]

Fitness Advice that is Wrong

By Brooke Avedon In today's fitness driven world of internet ads, advice columns and blog, it seems that everyone knows everything about how to achieve optimal health. Or at least they think they do. Much of the "advice" we get about fitness and workouts can sometimes be wrong. We're here to bust some common workout [...]

It Takes Two

Photos by Indigo & Co. Photography Bicycling has always played a role in the lives of Dave and Barbara Wagner, from cycling classes to 15-mile morning bike rides. But in the last 10 years they have taken their love of cycling out of the gym and off of local trails to their adventures overseas! Tell [...]