Too Good To Eat: Trending Products for the Food Lover

Who says you shouldn’t wear your food — or play with it for that matter? Fruits, veggies and everything in between are celebrated in these delectable trending products! PRETTY AS A PEACH COSMETIC BAG $35, WEEKENDS ARE FOR WAFFLES UNISEX CREW $45, WATERMELON SERVING BOWL $62, CANTALOUPE BOWL $28, AVOCUDDLE SOCKS [...]

Tips For Staying Active As You Age

When thinking about competitive sports, you might picture professional athletes in high impact sports like football, basketball, soccer or baseball. These athletes are usually in peak physical condition and are rarely performing professionally past their mid-forties. Many older adults may think that their days of playing competitive sports are behind them, but in reality, there [...]

How do you boost your mental health with exercise?

When someone is stressed or in anguish, they may take a walk to help clear their head. Well, it turns out that research has shown that aerobic exercise benefits more than just physical fitness. It also can boost your mental health! Physical and mental health are closely connected. Typically, what is good for one may [...]