Color Vibration Therapy

By Molly O’Brien Ancient cultures dating back to 2000 B.C. used the healing powers of color and light. Color was woven into all aspects of their culture, including health. According to Faber Birren’s “Color Psychology and Color Therapy: A Factual Study of the Influence of Color on Human Life,” ancient Egyptians used specially made solariums [...]

Understanding Epigenetics

By Molly O’Brien Epigenetics is one of the largest waves of research to hit the scene since the discovery of DNA structure in the early 1950s. Watson and Crick’s breakthrough in the mid-20th century lead to unparalleled discoveries concerning how our genetic makeup is fixed through inheritance. Today, scientists are learning this is not entirely [...]

Meet Probiotics’ Friend, Prebiotics

By Lauren Fischer An entire ecosystem of living microorganisms calls your digestive tract home. In fact, 300–500 bacterial species and some yeasts play house in your intestines. When healthy and properly balanced, your gut flora communicates with your immune system and participates in metabolic processes beneficial to both you and the bacteria, according to “Gut [...]

Show Your Liver Some Love with Liver Supporting Foods

By Lauren Fischer Think of the liver as the body’s toxin processing plant. Most toxins, like pesticides, household cleaning agents, dry-cleaning chemicals and hormone disruptors in beauty products, are fat-soluble. In order to be eliminated from the body, fat-soluble toxins must be converted to a water-soluble form. The liver accomplishes this through a two-step process [...]

The Brain-Gut Connection

By Molly O’Brien The expression “gut feeling” is grounded in scientific fact. The nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach is one way your intuition expresses its opinion. When you “go with your gut,” you are responding to a visceral feeling, perhaps guiding you to decide if someone new can be trusted and whether doing so is a right [...]