Bitcoin Basics


By Selena Garrison Bitcoin. Have you heard of it? Aside from seeing some super tech savvy friends talk about it intermittently on social media, I hadn’t really paid too much attention until recently. I tend to be completely in the dark on the latest tech-y talk, and as it turns out, I’m about eight years [...]

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Stock Trading for Beginners


By Selena Garrison If you are thinking about investing for the future, chances are you want equities to be a part of that investment strategy. Donna Carroll of Banks Carroll Group said that equities are a popular investment choice for those wanting to build wealth because they outperform most other investments over the long term. [...]

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Saving Money on Health Care


By Selena Garrison Health care expenses. The very phrase makes my bank account quake. A 2015 study from the Urban Institute revealed that the average lower to middle income household buying health insurance on the marketplace spent over 10 percent of their income on health care costs, with many spending as much as 25 percent. [...]

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Going Back To School on a Budget


By Selena Garrison So, you are thinking about going back to school. Perhaps you will be a first time college student pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree. Maybe you are going back for a graduate degree. You might want to advance within your chosen career field or branch out into a different field altogether. Regardless [...]

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness … Or Can It?


By Selena Garrison We have all heard the old adage that “money can’t buy happiness,” but oftentimes it feels like a little bit more money would really make things easier. The fact is that both of these concepts are wrong … and right. It’s complicated. Let’s start with “happiness.” As described by the ever-wise folks [...]

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