13.1 Things I Learned Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon … the Wrong Way!

By Nicole Irving When I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I had every intention of training. But, before I knew it, race day was here and I had not even started training. I was bound and determined to get that medal, though, and along those 13.1 miles, I learned some valuable and [...]

Flabby Felines and Canines: How to Keep Your Pet Fit & Healthy

By Shelby Davidson We all take it a little personally when someone calls our pet overweight. It makes us feel like bad pet parents to have let our beloved fur babies get to their current state. I unfortunately feel this way every time someone sees my 20-pound cat Lillian, with her large stomach dragging on [...]

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Exercises to help maintain current weight and muscle mass

By Christopher Pregony, BS, CSCS When you are reaching toward a goal, you always have that carrot pulling you forward. But what about when you reach that goal? You cannot always progress — there has to be a point where you maintain what you have achieved before you start your next challenge. Mentally, it helps [...]

Making Exercise Less of a Pain: Preventative Physical Therapy

By Danielle Spano When you think of a visit to the physical therapist, it typically goes hand in hand with being in pain. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy is not just for recovering from an injury — it can actually be used for preventing injury. According to the “Guide to Physical Therapist Practice,” part [...]

King Kettlebell

By Christopher Pregony, BS, CSCS What is it and where did it come from? The kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment on the planet. When people ask me what they should purchase for their home routines, it is my first recommendation. The kettlebell looks like a solid cannonball with a [...]