Myth Busting: CrossFit


By Julie Walter   CrossFit has been named one of the fastest growing sports since its creation in 2000. With its increase in popularity, there has been a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. Before you decide the sport is too dangerous or intense, read these 5 common myths about CrossFit. CrossFit is dangerous  One of [...]

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Ted Talks: Tips For Staying Healthy While You Travel


  by Ted Spiker For so long, I always believed that “healthy” and “travel” went together about as well as chocolate and toothpaste. After all, where’s the fun if you can’t have the pizza and wine carafe(s) in Italy, the paella in Spain, or the Wawa treats while grinding through a road trip? Yes, we [...]

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The Humorous Side of Health – Heel, Boy


By Ted Spiker I recently did an interview with a health expert who decided to role-reverse me and ask the questions. “What is something that you loved doing that you no longer are doing because of pain?” I stopped, thought, and ran through some options. Fit comfortably in an airline seat didn’t seem like an [...]

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Fitness with Your Pets: What’s the Hype?


By Taylor McLamb The benefits of exercise for our mind and body are endless. Engaging in physical activity can go a long way – whether it’s a morning run, yoga, or weight lifting, just the act of getting your blood pumping, can both elevate your mood and help you feel energized for the rest of [...]

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