9 Travel Books To Help You Plan The Perfect Vacation

Before the days in which accessibility existed, travelers relied heavily on maps and books to help them plan the perfect vacation. While the days of taking a road trip have gotten much easier with navigation systems in the tips of our fingers, planning a trip still takes a lot of research and suggestions from people [...]

Traveling with Medical Supplies: The Basics

By Danielle Spano There is so much to pack for a trip, yet so little luggage space! For those with medical needs, meeting the airline’s suitcase weight requirement is not the only worry. Getting yourself through airport security is a feat in itself, more so for those with special medical needs. Everything, including diabetes supplies, [...]

Love Food, Will Travel

By Danielle Spano Every region has its own climate, architecture, language, history, unique style and flora and fauna. These characteristics help to shape how a society lives, but nothing can give you a true taste of a region’s culture like its local cuisine. The concept of food tourism was introduced in 1996 by Dr. Lucy [...]

Charcuterie Boards

By Natalie Richoux Translated from French, charcuterie means delicatessen and that is precisely what this board is! A charcuterie board must have a variety of cured meats, cheeses, olives, figs and baguettes, but often fruits and vegetables are added accouterments. Impress your guests at your next party with this guide to making a great charcuterie [...]