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Be Mesmerized by the Benefits of Hypnotherapy

BY JESSICA FRANKLIN When we think of hypnosis, the image that often comes to mind is a Freudian psychiatrist dangling a pocket watch in front of a patient, informing them that they are getting very sleepy, until their eyes close and they essentially become puppets. While this is the representation in media and pop culture, [...]

Loving Number One: You!

By Jessica Franklin The term “self-care” may conjure the image of a woman at the spa, perhaps with cucumber slices over her eyes while someone paints her nails and massages her feet. But self-care is more than a superficial indulgence; self-care is a necessary part of life that demands more attention than we have been [...]

Living with OCD

Living with OCD: How to Understand this Complex Condition and Get Help By Tracy Wright Many people associate obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with actions like excessive hand washing or folding towels in a specific way. While these can be symptoms of OCD, the condition itself is much more complex and can be truly debilitating to those who [...]

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and its Effects on Loved Ones and Caregivers

By Tracy Wright Even at an early age, I knew there was something different about my grandfather. He was the only grandpa I had ever known, as my mother’s father had passed away before I was born. To me, my grandfather was a huge man (he was 6 feet tall) who was quiet, loving and [...]

Dealing with Distance: How to Manage a Long-Distance Relationship

By Meredith Sheldon Most nights, Deana Sarshory falls asleep after catching up with her boyfriend. But, he is not physically there. He is behind the computer screen FaceTiming from his home in Virginia. Sarshory and her boyfriend, Sina Jahanshahi, have been dating for about 15 months. After meeting as co-counselors at a two-week summer program [...]