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Coping With the Loss of Your Furry Companion


Dealing with the loss of a pet is not easy. They are not just animals; they are also friends and an integral part of many families. Grief is inevitable, and it looks different for each person. When trying to deal with your grief, it is important to recall the good memories with your pet rather [...]

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Train Your Brain With Fun Games


Many of us spend time on our physical fitness, but are we doing the same for our mind? Science has proven that there are brain exercises that can help keep our minds sharp as a preventive factor for age-related cognitive decline. While it can’t be a cure-all, brain exercises can help to decrease the potential [...]

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Speaking the Language(s) of Love


Everyone approaches relationships differently. People come from different backgrounds with different perspectives, different expectations and different likes and dislikes. However, just about everyone is searching for the same thing: love. Everyone needs love — in fact our human nature requires it — but it can be difficult to find perfect compatibility with someone.  According to [...]

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Modern Day Stress vs. Meditation


In today’s modern world, the phrase “free time” has become the laughing stock of the English language. How could someone possibly have a free minute to spare when everyday life revolves around kids, technology, school, work and other like-minded activities? The irony of it all is that stressing and worrying about the laundry list of things you still need to accomplish actually takes [...]

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Power of a Positive Mind


There are some that see the glass as half full. Other, see it half empty. For those that see it full, they don’t see anything negative about missing the other half, they only appreciate the half that is there. In other words, they see the positive side of the glass contents! The power of positivity [...]

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