Cranberries: Everything You Should Know!

FUN FACTS: There are three fruits native to North America, and the cranberry is one of them. Americans consume nearly 400 million pounds of cranberries per year, 20% of them during Thanksgiving week. Only about 5% of cranberries produced in the U.S. are sold fresh and the remaining 95% are processed, most commonly for juice [...]

Aesthetically Pleasing Drinks That Taste as Good as They Look

Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is a must these days, and posting a cute, pleasing photo of your favorite summer drink is sure to bring in the likes! Grab a lounge chair by the pool and whip up one of our favorite aesthetically pleasing drinks.    Mermaid Water Cocktail  If you grew up near [...]

Mix Up Your Mixed Drinks

BY ISABELLA SORRESSO Six classic cocktails, six unlikely twists and one less guilty conscious in the morning when you think about all that you drank last night. Instead of drinking a “skinny” cocktail or even just a “mocktail,” bartenders around America have been experimenting with healthier options to get you through the weekend and so [...]