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Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

By Colleen McTiernan & Nicole Irving Trying to get on a path toward healthier cooking, but feel stuck? These seven kitchen gadgets are sure to help you cook up some light and delicious meals! Hurom Citrus Juicer, $149 From limes to grapefruits, the one-size-fits-all cone of this juicer is designed to minimize damage to the fruit [...]

Health Hacks: 6 tech products to keep you in peak physical condition

By Colleen McTiernan and Lizzie Vasquez | Photos courtesy of manufacturer As technology advances, it is becoming easier than ever to take charge of your health. From fertility trackers to indoor climate monitors, here are seven products equipped with smart technology that communicates information to your smartphone to help you and your family stay as [...]

The Underwear Dilemma: Should You Wear Underwear When You Work Out?

By Lisa Katz When it comes to wearing underwear while exercising, there seem to be a number of different opinions out there. Some feel that wearing underwear is truly bothersome, as they tend to shift during a workout. Others find the idea of not wearing underwear while exercising absolutely unimaginable. So, is it healthier to [...]

Five Items to Brighten up Nighttime Workouts

By Edwin J. Exaus | Photo courtesy of manufacturer Fall is finally here! With the changes in temperature, most fitness fanatics will start moving their workouts outdoors, adding park bench climbers and other fun exercises to their regimens. There are many benefits to taking your workout beyond the gym, but it is important that the [...]

Hey Guys! These 6 Items That Will Keep You Dry and Odor Free

By Edwin J. Exaus You’ve washed your gym clothes three times, and they still stink! Extra fabric softener, air drying and the occasional blast of Febreeze only seem to make matters worse. De-funking workout gear is a tricky business, which can lead to countless laundry cycles to rid your clothes of that stench. It is [...]