How to Combat Holiday Depression


We Americans do not waste any time celebrating the holidays. Fall is basically a revolving door for different decorations and traditional foods. The copper-colored, plastic leaves and cinnamon candles are almost immediately knocked off the shelves for wreaths, and the Christmas tree is fair game before December has even arrived. For me, the holiday season [...]

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Would You Workout For Cash?


Physical fitness and working out is a different journey for just about everyone. We all know it is important, but some are more excited about it than others. For many, it is a part of their everyday life; they enjoy it and need it. For others, it seems like torture and finding motivation is very [...]

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Why Should You Start Meal Prepping?


Mornings can be a race against the clock as you try to get yourself out the door to work on time. It’s easy to tell yourself you can just buy lunch, but buying the same thing everyday can become repetitive. In the evening after a long day at work, all you want to do is [...]

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6 Detour-Worthy Attractions to Enhance Your Vacation


by Isabella Sorresso We’ve all heard about the world’s largest and smallest attractions, and you might have even stopped at a few along the way during a road trip. In addition to the classic largest ball of twine, there are so many places to stop and see. We gathered our top six roadside and city [...]

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The Return of the Fanny Pack


by Renee Castro They were popular in the 80s and then went away for many years. But, if you head out to an event, concert or theme park, you will probably see plenty of youngsters sporting a fanny, or what the trendier kids call them, hip packs. Up your trendy level with some of our [...]

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