By Mercedes Leguizamon

There are many different reasons why people may choose to avoid pasta, but one of the main ones is the dreaded carbohydrates pasta contains. If you are looking to skip the carbs, but still want to celebrate National Pasta Day on Oct. 17, try one of these pasta replacements!

Shirataki noodles

These “miracle noodles” are an excellent replacement for pasta. They are a bit slimier than the pasta we know, but to make up for it, they have almost no calories and no carbs. Check out this recipe from Serious Eats for a tasty way to prepare shirataki noodles.

Black bean pasta

The only two ingredients for this pasta are black beans and water. This pasta is a nutritional powerhouse, providing a lot of protein and fiber! This recipe from Delicious Living pairs the noodles with a zesty tomatillo sauce.

Carrot pasta

Another interesting way to eat carrots is to cut them using your spiralizer. These noodles are great for your eyesight and great with peanut sauce! Check out the recipe on Epicurious.

Chicken noodles

We don’t mean chicken and noodles like in a soup. We are talking about chicken cut into the shape of pasta. Follow this recipe from Dr. Oz for a protein-packed result.


Zucchini noodles are the easiest alternative to pasta and the best way to avoid carbs. All you need, once again, is a spiralizer and you can make any of these 27 recipes.

Carbs are not necessarily bad, but sometimes it is a good idea to switch them out for some protein or veggies. Enjoy National Pasta Day without actually making traditional pasta this year!