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Holiday Depression

How to Combat Holiday Depression

We Americans do not waste any time celebrating the holidays. Fall is basically a revolving door for different decorations and traditional foods. The copper-colored, plastic leaves and cinnamon candles are almost immediately knocked off the shelves for wreaths, and the… read more

Coffee Consumption

Get the Scoop on Coffee Consumption

If you are sitting there with your morning coffee and wondering if your daily cup is damaging to your health, worry not! According to a November 2015 study in “Circulation,” the American Heart Association’s scientific journal, coffee consumption was associated… read more

Properly Fuel Your Body

How to Properly Fuel Your Body for Fitness

Learning how to properly fuel your body for exercise can be just as important as the exercise itself, but what is the best strategy? Carbs for endurance? Protein for muscle building? Pre-workout snacks? Post-workout snacks? Carbs? Protein? Fat? Maybe we… read more

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