Spend Some Quality Time With Yourself This Valentine’s Day

By Anastasia Sims

Valentine’s Day is commonly dedicated to love, and the idea of having no plans can be scary. The stress of making it the perfect day for your partner can be overwhelming, but so can spending time by yourself. No matter what you’re planning to do, there are some things you can do or things you can remember to make the day special for yourself.

Find Some Entertainment 

For some, being alone on any day, let alone Valentine’s Day, can be no fun. However, there are some ways to make it a bit more entertaining. This can come in the form of binging a new funny show or reading the book you’ve been meaning to read. Whatever it is, a good laugh could be all you need.

At Home Spa

If reading isn’t so much your thing, maybe a better way to spend some time to yourself on Valentine’s Day involves an at-home spa day. This can be anything from a classic face mask, a cliche bath and wine scenario, or even making yourself a playlist and cooking yourself an indulgent dinner. 

Cook Yourself Dinner

Speaking of cooking, taking the time to make yourself dinner can be a great way to stretch yourself. Whether it’s a fun recipe from Pinterest or a homemade dish, taking time to create something for yourself can be a great reminder to slow down and enjoy whatever you are doing. Plus, you most likely get a great meal out of it.

Find A Furry Friend!

But if you don’t want to spend the day truly alone, try spending quality time with a furry friend. This can be your pet or a friend’s pet. You could even head over to a shelter or humane society to walk around and pet some dogs and cats. And if you’re feeling extra loved up, you can even adopt one!

Whatever you do, spending time with alone doesn’t have to be a drag. The more creative you get with your time, the more fun the day can be. Above all else, loving yourself can be the most important thing you do on February 14th.


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