Nighttime Workouts

5 Items to Brighten up Nighttime Workouts

Fall is finally here! With the changes in temperature, most fitness fanatics will start moving their exercises outdoors, adding park bench climbers and other fun nighttime workouts to their regimens. There are many benefits to taking your workout beyond the… read more

the swamp

How to Workout at The Swamp!

In a stadium that fits over 90,000 rowdy football fans, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium provides a unique experience both on game day and on your typical weekday. Also known as “The Swamp,” the stadium is open almost every day to… read more

Fitness Advice that is Wrong

By Brooke Avedon In today's fitness driven world of internet ads, advice columns and blog, it seems that everyone knows everything about how to achieve optimal health. Or at least they think they do. Much of the "advice" we get… read more

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