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We’ve compiled a list of easy, stress-free conservation tips that you can incorporate energy-conservation into your life.

Conservation Tips to Prepare for Earth Day

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22! This is a day prompting urgency for environmental education about the problems affecting our world as well as a global celebration of all the great things the Earth provides us with. What do… read more

Earth day

5 Earth Day Inspired Smoothie Ideas

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by sipping on an Earth Day inspired smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables? Try these five heart-healthy and earthy smoothies to feel fresh and nourished! Blue and Green Smoothie This easy-to-make Earth… read more

7 Ways to Honor the Earth on Earth Day

Earth Day is Friday, April 22, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy mother nature and learn about ways to protect her. Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. In 1969, a… read more

earth day

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

The first Earth Day was the brainchild of the Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. Back in the 1970s, there was a rise of environmental consciousness in the United States, and to capitalize on this new movement, Earth Day was created. Since… read more

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