Let’s Talk About Sandwiches

Americans eat approximately 300 million sandwiches daily, averaging one per person. From grilled cheese to gourmet, sandwiches are a staple of American cuisine. Here we explore our favorite local eats, classic recipes and fun facts! DID YOU KNOW? *The largest sandwich on… read more

raw water

What is Raw Water? Consume at Your Own Risk!

Water can’t be cooked, per se, but it can be treated, boiled and tested to monitor and remove harmful contaminants that can potentially make one very sick. Despite this information, some still choose to drink “raw water.” A 2017 New… read more

Mindful Eating

A Simple Guide to Mindful Eating

January brings a lot of well-intentioned goal setting for all areas of life. I especially love that the New Year can represent a clean slate and pave the way for healthy habits. It can be tempting to fall into the… read more

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