New Superfood

Mushrooms: The New Superfood

In the first half of the 20th century, mushrooms — a type of fungus — received little public notice except as a tasty addition to certain dishes. In the 1950s these fungi gained attention because of some species’ psychedelic properties,… read more

try turmeric

Try Turmeric, The Secret Superfood

With all the buzz around new superfoods like acai, goji berries and chia seeds, we’ve forgotten about one of the most ancient spices that has been celebrated for centuries as both a delicious food and medicine — turmeric. The beautiful… read more

superfood products

7 Superfood Products for a Super Beauty Routine

Don’t leave your superfoods at the dinner table; welcome them into your beauty routine. These superfood products will give you the glowing skin and hair you have been craving! G.M. Collin Anti-Aging Instant Radiance Eye Patches $50, and… read more

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