4 Tips for Self-Care At Home

By Leah Antovel
self-care at home

When was the last time you thought about, well, you? Maybe you think cramming your days with activities makes you successful, but neglecting your own mental and physical health can be counterproductive. Having said that, here are some suggestions on how you can put yourself first by practicing self-care at home. 


Are clothes from high school that you never wear taking up room in your closet? Do you have random knickknacks sprawled across your desk? A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind and a decrease in your productivity. Decluttering can seem intimidating, but the process gets easier when you know where to start. On the TV show Enough Already!, they suggest beginning by emptying the room so you can envision what you want the space to look like. Then comes piles, piles and more piles. Sort items by things you will keep, things you will donate and things you will kick to the curb. Purging the old is therapeutic, and you will feel even better knowing someone else will get use out of things you no longer need.  

Enjoy your food

What is your favorite thing to eat? Maybe it is a specific restaurant dish or your grandma’s recipe that you think is absolutely to die for. Try recreating the dish at home, and add your own flare to it. Make something you are proud to post on Instagram. Now, sit down with your food and, like my mom always says, just eat. This sounds ridiculous I know, but I really mean just eat. Don’t text your friend, watch TV or think. When you learn to appreciate your food, you will feel relaxed as you savor every bite.  

Treat yourself to some fizz 

After a long day of taking on your to-do list, what better way to unwind than with a bath? Elevate a boring bath by throwing in a bath both. I suggest Twilight by Lush. It’s reasonably priced and full of soothing lavender oil. As it fizzes in warm water, the blue interior will calm you, and the purple exterior, associated with royalty, will have you feeling like king or queen as you practice self-care. 


There is something exciting about the unknown. When I first got into the University of Florida, one of the things I was most excited about was getting lost. Let yourself get lost. On your way home, take a wrong turn. While walking to work or class, go into a building you have never been before. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a routine. Allow yourself to tap into your sense of adventure.  

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