Cauliflower: Your Smoothie’s Secret Ingredient

Cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash, cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower mac and cheese — there is cauliflower everything now! Cauliflower has risen to Kardashian-level fame over the last few years, and for good reason. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), cruciferous… read more

What floating can do for your mind

Clearing the mind is said to have positive effects on your well-being. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) is a process where relaxation and meditation is performed in an environment isolated from sight and sound. The floatation form of this therapy,… read more


Lime: The Fountain of Vitality

The lime is here. Small but mighty, limes are bright green citrus fruits used in recipes and add zest to water. Under the lime’s thick coat, however, a fountain of vitamin C, antioxidants and vital nutrients hide. These mighty gems… read more

Collagen: Is It The New Fountain of Youth?

Alongside kombucha and the keto diet, another popular health trend right now is the addition of collagen to your daily routine and diet. Whether it’s for beauty products, losing weight or helping with joints, collagen is trending everywhere right now.… read more

Understanding Your Health History

Have you ever noticed that every time you go to the doctor you are required to fill out a long family history questionnaire? Many people don’t know the details of their family’s health but this can be incredibly useful for staying… read more

Does Overcooking Starchy Foods Cause Cancer?

What do burnt starchy foods and cancer have in common? That is the million-dollar question. There have been numerous debates and studies on whether eating burnt toast, potatoes and other starchy food can cause cancer. The United Kingdom Food Standards… read more

Health Benefits of Pears

It’s time to pre-pear for National Pear Month! These crisp, sweet and juicy fruits come in 10 different varieties found throughout the U.S. With all these options, there’s sure to be a favorite for everyone! The U.S. Department of Agriculture… read more

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