Food Journaling

Why Should You Try Food Journaling?

I started food journaling this last year. I was on one of those New Year health kicks and wanted to start dieting and keeping track of my calories. A friend of mine introduced me to an app called MyPlate. It’s… read more

New Year New You

Ted Talks: New Year, New You

The season of resolutions usually brings about mantras of motivation and fist-pounding declarations that this year — THIS YEAR! — will be the one in which we [stop smoking/lose 25 pounds/give up bacon-cheese fries]. For good reason, too. Coming off… read more

Holiday Happy Hour

5 Drinks for Holiday Happy Hour

Instead of serving up the traditional eggnog or year ‘round staple drinks, dazzle your guests this holiday season with delicious cocktails for holiday happy hour! Whether you are looking for a boozy take on hot chocolate or a more festive… read more

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