Where Every Day is a Holiday

There are a select few towns across America for which the holiday season never really ends, thanks to names that capture the holiday spirit and festivities that celebrate the wonder of Christmas. Christmas, Florida Named for Fort Christmas, which was… read more

Make Your Own Eggnog!

Ever wondered how to make your own eggnog? Try this traditional recipe for a homemade holiday beverage! For an adult take on this creamy drink, add bourbon, whiskey, brandy or rum! National Eggnog Day is December 24th, so make your… read more

We Tried It! Local Hiking Trails

November 17 is National Take a Hike Day and our team decided to celebrate by getting outside and exploring what beautiful trails North Central Florida has to offer. Here are our experiences with some of our favorites! LINDSEY -> O’Leno… read more

A Quick Guide to Home Architecture

BY ANÍBAL RODRÍGUEZ AND MEGAN SAPELAK Throughout the years we have seen a great many styles of architecture flourish in our community. We highlighted a few of our favorite architectural styles and showcase not only the houses themselves, but also… read more

Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Family

The kitchen is often cited as the hub of the home where family and friends gather to cook, eat and share memories. Is your kitchen always good for your health? Organizing, cleaning and setting up your kitchen can have profound… read more

Ted Talks: Will I Win the Food Fight?

At a recent gathering of friends and former colleagues, I caught up with some people I’ve seen only once or twice since the late ‘90s. Amidst the conversations, the reminiscing, the beer, the wings and an Oreo dirt concoction that… read more

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