Morning Workout Motivation

With the clock falling back an hour, it is time for gym motivation to spring forward. Most professionals recommend working out in the morning because it is easier to throw in the towel after a long day of work. With… read more

Staying Active As You Age

Tips For Staying Active As You Age

When thinking about competitive sports, you might picture professional athletes in high impact sports like football, basketball, soccer or baseball. These athletes are usually in peak physical condition and are rarely performing professionally past their mid-forties. Many older adults may… read more

Fitness Philosophies

Fitness Philosophies Through the Ages

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or you’re just managing to make it to the gym every once in a while, having a fitness philosophy can provide you with motivation on even the toughest days. Fitness philosophies are the reasons… read more

Fitness Trends Over the Decades

11 Fitness Trends Over the Decades

Fitness is constantly evolving. Over the past 80 years, we have gone through a variety of fitness phases, some of which laid the foundation for modern-day exercise routines. Let’s take a walk through some of the most popular fitness trends… read more

yoga for seniors

Try Online Yoga Classes for Senior Adults

Just because there is still a pandemic affecting our community, that doesn't mean that you have to stop getting exercise. In fact, keeping your body physically healthy is one way to protect yourself from getting sick. And, it is important… read more

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