Swimming: Your New Favorite Workout!

When it comes to a low impact, highly impactful workout, look no farther than the pool in your backyard or your community. That’s right, swimming is back in style and full of so many benefits, you may never venture to… read more

Physical Fitness Throughout Our World’s History

In 2021, physical fitness is often associated with state-of-the-art gyms, Peloton home bike rides and fitness apps. In primitive society, as we evolved as humans, fitness was necessary to survive. The early hunter-gatherer societies needed to move quickly to capture… read more

Ask the Pilates Instructor

Pilates Day is the first Saturday in May, so let's learn about pilates from pilates instructor Maggie Kathryn Dill! I started in this industry at the age of 18 on an island in south Florida. At the time, I was… read more

Person loading barbell with plates

What is a Clean in the Gym?

I love to clean — but don’t hand me the mop and bucket, pass the barbell! Cleaning is the exercise you never knew you needed, until now. But what is a clean in the gym? The gym "clean" According to… read more

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