Tips to Get Fit

4 Tips to Get Fit in The New Year!

You know the drill - New Year’s rolls around and everyone is full of good intentions. The coming year will be better! This year I will ACTUALLY get into an exercise routine, eat more vegetables, get more sleep, insert other… read more

Fitness Basics

Get Back to Fitness Basics With These Moves

The arrival of COVID-19 changed the way the world operates. One of the disruptions was the closure of gyms and fitness facilities. For those who have built fitness routines centered around these businesses, many have questioned how to maintain a… read more

Time to Flex

Ted Talks: Time to Flex and Stretch

Of my many bodily deficiencies (see Pants, Tight), one has been protesting louder lately. I’m creaky. I’m tight. I’m about as flexible as a granite countertop. I can feel it when I walk, when I run, when I wake up… read more

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