Julia Bauer

Woman holding microphone and singing

All About Black History Month

February is Black History Month – a time to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and recognize the history of the U.S.  Every February since 1976, the President of the United States has designated the month to Black history with… read more

A bunch of grapefruit slices

Grapefruit: Benefits and Myths

Grapefruit might not be everyone’s first choice when grabbing a snack because of its tart and bittersweet flavor. However, there is more to it than its taste. A juicy, red grapefruit is full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, too. Grapefruit… read more

Three whole artichokes

Keep Your Body Happy with Artichokes

Artichokes are not just good for making delectable dips, they are also good for your health. But how can something so tasty also be good for you? This big, round and cabbage-looking food is not a vegetable. According to Good… read more

Santa holding a gift

The Rules of Regifting

Almost everyone has received a gift – or two or three – that is sitting on a shelf collecting dust or shoved in the back of their closet. That’s OK. Not every gift is a hit. But what if that… read more

How to Become a Morning Person

The world is seemingly inhabited by two types of people: night owls and early birds. Night owls are especially active at night, while early birds tend to enjoy waking earlier than the average person. Many night owls might wish they… read more