Kendra Miller

Money Mindfulness

Money is a constant presence in our lives. Almost every major decision we make can be tied to a financial impact. Because of this, it can be a major stressor that is made worse when we don’t have an understanding… read more

Where Every Day is a Holiday

There are a select few towns across America for which the holiday season never really ends, thanks to names that capture the holiday spirit and festivities that celebrate the wonder of Christmas. Christmas, Florida  Named for Fort Christmas, which was… read more

Canning Your Diet Coke Habit

 Caffeine, artificial sweeteners and diet soda are not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as addictions, but many people have struggled to give up these substances time and time again. Some consumers have even indicated that giving up Diet Coke… read more

Dare to Go Bare at Bedtime

We all know that what we wear to bed is important. But what if what we DON’T wear could have an even bigger impact on our sleep and health? That’s right, cast away the pajamas along with the perception that… read more

Talking Money With Your Partner

Money makes the world go round, but unfortunately it can be the cause of significant stress in our lives and in our relationships. Differences in opinion regarding joint or separate bank accounts, lack of communication on saving versus spending on… read more

Conducting an Annual Expense Review

You probably visit your doctor once a year for a checkup, but there's something else to pencil on the calendar: an annual review of your utilities and insurance. An annual review is a great opportunity to determine if there are… read more