Lindsey Johnson

How to Stay Regular When You Travel

Travel can be an exciting break from our normal routines. However, sometimes an unwanted travel companion, like constipation or diarrhea, can tag along. While your schedule may look different on vacation, sticking to regular bathroom habits can help you better… read more

Person loading barbell with plates

What is a Clean in the Gym?

I love to clean — but don’t hand me the mop and bucket, pass the barbell! Cleaning is the exercise you never knew you needed, until now. But what is a clean in the gym? The gym "clean" According to… read more

Catch some Zzz’s for World Sleep Day

March 15th is World Sleep Day! Hosted by World Sleep Society, this is an annual event created by healthcare practitioners working in the field of sleep medicine as a way to share research and information related to sleep as well… read more