Taryn Tacher

Man with Gray beard an hair

How to Manage Your Gray Hair

Aging is inevitable. No three-hour daily skin product regimen can prevent wrinkles entirely, and no sip from the Fountain of Youth can obliterate the onset of menopause. As we grow, our bodies change — our skin becomes looser, our veins more visible, and we start… read more

Hugging for Health

There are few things more comforting than a hug. A fuzzy blanket may engulf you when you are tired, and a steaming cup of tea may soothe you when you are sick, but a hug is always the perfect mode… read more

calcium for the body

Got Calcium?

You heard it all of the time when you were growing up, and now you are passing along the message to your own kids — drinking milk will make you grow tall and strong. But this rich and creamy white… read more

Spice Up Date Night With Aphrodisiacs

Dating is exciting — whether you are going on a first date with someone new or spending some quality time with your significant other. You get all dressed up, the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter, and you cannot… read more

Should You Say Goodbye To Gluten?

We all love our pastas, our breads, our cakes and our cookies — that is, unless we have celiac disease. This autoimmune disorder affects one in 100 people. That means 1 percent of the population is unable to digest gluten… read more