24 Easy Ways to Conquer Calories

By Hannah Shelton

If telling people we “don’t have time” or we “don’t enjoy exercising” burned calories, gyms and fitness centers would cease to exist. We’re busy. We’re tired. We don’t want to expend the morsel of energy we have left on a workout after a long day.

However, we totally should.

Research shows that regularly exercising can increase our energy and decrease our feelings of fatigue. The best part? Low-intensity movement, like leisurely walks and enjoyable swims, have proven more impactful than intense exercise in making people feel fueled and energetic. This kind of activity can help us burn calories, and that’s on top of the ones we already shed in our natural states.

The Mayo Clinic recommends incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity into our daily routines, with men and women consuming 2,500 and 2,000 calories, respectively, to maintain their weight. Feeling uninspired or still unconvinced to do this?

Here are 24 burn-worthy ways to get fit without the fuss in just 30 minutes:

1. BOWLING: 108 calories
3. DOING YOGA: 144 calories
4. HORSEBACK RIDING: 70 calories
5. ICE SKATING: 252 calories
6. KAYAKING: 180 calories
7. PLAYING BADMINTON: 141 calories
8. PLAYING FRISBEE: 105 calories
9. PLAYING TENNIS: 252 calories
10. ROCK CLIMBING: 281 calories
11. STATIONARY ROWING: 252 calories
12. SWIMMING: 216 calories
13. GARDENING: 162 calories
15. MOVING FURNITURE: 211 calories
16. MOWING THE LAWN: 198 calories
17. READING: 40 calories
18. SLEEPING: 22 calories
19. HAVING SEX: 109 calories
20. KISSING: 150-780 calories
21. LAUGHING:  20-80 calories
22. MEDITATING: 35 calories
23. SITTING AT YOUR DESK: 51 calories
24. TYPING ON YOUR COMPUTER: 51 calories

Surely, this isn’t an exhaustive list of simple, subtle ways to conquer some calories, as you’ve likely even shredded a few while you read this article! Although staying active and burning calories are helpful in leading a healthy lifestyle, counting them is only a fraction of the fitness equation. These quantities, like the averages shared above, are also largely linked to our identities, abilities, weights and other factors.

If being healthy is the goal of your fitness journey, then keep that in mind during your next sweat sesh. Count calories if they’re key, but prioritize what makes you feel healthy and happy above all else. However you want to burn, make it yours!

*Note:The above calculations are based on research published by numerous credible sources that account for an average amount of calories burned while doing the respective activities for 30 minutes. These averages are an educational resource, and they are not intended to provide medical advice or guide treatment.

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