Design the Home of Your Dreams with HomeByMe

By Maria Buoni
design the home of your dreams

Looking for a free tool to help plan your next home renovation project? Would a 3-D rendering of your space help you choose a new paint color? Checking out a new home and want to make sure your current furniture will fit? Design the home of your dreams with HomeByMe!

HomeByMe is an interior design website that allows users to construct 2-D and 3-D models of their space, add furniture and décor accents, and share their plans through email and social media. Accounts are free to create and the majority of the tools are free as well. Options like exporting video walkthroughs do cost additional fees, but unless you are an interior decorator (or like to pretend you host an HGTV show) you probably will not need those features anyway.

One useful feature of HomeByMe is the ability to upload a floor plan and then construct your walls on top of the floor plan. This tool allows for a very quick construction of your space, whether it is a room or entire house. HomeByMe also includes a large selection of windows, doors, couches, chairs, tables, counters and decorative accent pieces so that you can fully customize your space. Looking to see if a new couch will match your current décor and fit in your space? HomeByMe is a great way to experiment with new furniture, and it includes dimensions so that you can properly calculate whether you have left enough space to walk around that new couch. When choosing paint colors, HomeByMe provides a useful sun-angle tool so that you can see how paint colors will look throughout the entire day.

And, if you just cannot agree on how to decorate that new living room, you can go full on “Property Brothers.” Make as many options as you would like before you finally reveal the winning plan to your friends and family. Designing the home of your dreams can be so easy with HomeByMe!

By Maria Buoni


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