Get Ready For Summer with Must-Have Summer Swim Gear

By Ashleigh Braun
summer swim gear

There is no question that swimming is a great aerobic exercise, simultaneously working all of your muscles, increasing your lung capacity and cardiovascular fitness abilities. If you are looking to improve your stroke, we found some summer swim gear to help you dominate in the pool this summer!

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FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro


This underwater metronome is small and lightweight enough to secure under a swim cap, where it transmits an audible tempo beep that enables swimmers to identify and maintain a steady pace. With three training modes for customization and a clip for dry land exercise, this device is the perfect training aid.


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FINIS Swimsense Live


Designed for all swimmers from beginner to elite, this waterproof watch tracks accurate swim workout data such as distance, time and pace. Using the FINIS Live app, users can then view and share their workout data!


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Fitness Gear Adult Kickboard


Kick your way to the finish line with this adult kickboard. Specifically designed for water-based workouts, its durable nylon covering and comfortable hand grip position help you float while improving your kick.


swim belt

TYR Aquatic Resistance Training Belt


If you are looking for a way to build strength and improve your endurance in the water, this resistance training belt will help you do just that. It is small, portable and dries quickly, making it ideal for use in small pools.


summer swim goggles

Speedo Hydrosity Mirrored Goggles


Enjoy crystal-clear views with these easy-fitting, comfortable swim goggles that are a must for any swimmer. With mirrored lenses, UV and anti-fog protection, and an adjustable band, you can dive right in while keeping your eyes protected and dry.


swim cap

Speedo Elastomeric Swim Cap


Designed to help you glide comfortably through the water, this swim cap is gentle on your hair with a textured interior that prevents pulling and stretchy, elastomeric technology that allows it to adjust to your head.


swimming flippers

Cressi Adult Light Swim Fins


A comfortable pair of swim fins is a must for any aquatic activity, and these are the perfect pair for training in the pool or splashing away on a snorkeling trip. Designed with a short blade and soft elastomers, these fins will keep you from getting tired and will remain comfortable even during long sessions in the water.

Photos Courtesy of Manufacturers