Finding The Fall Foliage

By Rebecca Santana

Between palm trees, 70 degree weather and ever present greenery, you might find yourself wanting some holiday weather to go along with your holiday vacation. Luckily, there are hundreds of beautiful sites within driving distance to see some amazing fall foliage.

  1. Close
    If you’re not looking to go too far from home this holiday season, just jump in your car and take a 20-30 minute trip to Gainesville’s Morningside Nature Center. Along with beautiful longleaf pines, stunning flatwoods and fabulous flora, you might also find deer, box turtles and wild turkeys on the center’s seven miles of trails.


  1. Farther
    Looking to get out of Gainesville? Just a three-hour drive northwest will get you to Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. View the foliage on a 45-minute River Boat Tour or wander the 10 miles of gorgeous trails. Either way, you’re sure to fall into Fall.


  1. Farthest
    See Fall in full force on the Lumpkin-Union Loop in Dahlonega, Georgia. See lakes, waterfalls and scenic areas on this 2 hour drive. Go all the through or make a few stops along the way; this route is filled with points of interest and historic sites. Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of your car or make it a road trip. Either way, this loop will get you amped up for the holidays. Click here for directions.