6 Men’s Workout Products That Will Keep You Dry and Odor Free

By Edwin J. Exaus
dry and odor free

You’ve washed your gym clothes three times, and they still stink! Extra fabric softener, air drying and the occasional blast of Febreeze only seem to make matters worse. De-funking workout gear is a tricky business, which can lead to countless laundry cycles to rid your clothes of that stench. It is not your sweat, per se, that is causing the odor, but the interaction of sweat and bacteria on your skin. The fibers in most gym attire provide several hiding places for these bacteria to thrive. Changing your workout isn’t the answer, but swapping out your clothes might be. Eliminate the hassle by investing in attire that keeps your body dry and odor free.


Brooks Men’s Cascadia 12 Trail-Running Shoes

$130, Brooksrunning.com

Good for the treadmill and the trail, the Cascadia has a mesh upper that controls the amount of moisture to keep feet dry and cool.


Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Low Sock

$14, Pearlizumi.com

Choosing socks used to be so simple. But now with options like the Pearl Izumi Elite Low Sock, your sock can now include over-the-toe mesh ventilation, arch compression for maximum performance and moisture transfer yarns to capture all of your sweat and keep your feet dry and odor free.


Rhone Swift Tank

$58, Rhone.com

Designed for top performance, this tank is extremely lightweight and dries almost instantaneously. It is ideal for runners and cyclists.


Gore R5 Race Shorts

$70, Goreapparel.com

These shorts exude comfort. They are lightweight, allow for airflow and have a small zipper pocket for a small amount of storage!


Pearl Izumi Select LTD Jersey

$93.75 – $125.00, Pearlizumi.com

This Jersey fits like a glove and comes with three back pockets for additional storage. The full-length zipper in the front allows for adjustable ventilation during the course of training.


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