Group Mediumship Session

Join us for a heartwarming Group Mediumship Session where our medium Alyssa will connect with the spirit world, bringing messages of love and guidance. Experience the comfort of a supportive community as you witness connections beyond the veil. Embrace the… read more

Family Constellations Workshop with Rukmini

Join us for Family Constellations Workshop with Rukmini. A constellation is a means for accessing the timeless map you hold within, linking the past to the present and the present to the future. You can participate in this workshop in… read more

Group Mediumship with Judy Lewis

In a positive and caring environment, Ms. Lewis will attempt to contact the loving energies of those who have passed to the next life. Many that have taken part in her mediumship/séance sessions have connected and received messages that give… read more

Full Moon Group Meditation with Reiki Healing

Join Caitlyn for a powerful meditation to prepare to harness the November full moon (that occurs on 11/27). We will use bolsters and blankets to be comfortable during this meditation (we have community props, or bring your own!). Each participant… read more

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