Hitting the Open Road With Your Family

In early 2019, Kristy Bickmeyer was at a Fleetwood Mac concert listening to this lyric when she realized she was ready to make a life-changing decision. Bickmeyer and her husband had been considering hitting the road in an RV with… read more

Flight Anxiety

Say Bon Voyage To Flight Anxiety

For many, traveling on an airplane is exciting and adventurous, but for some, it’s a nightmare come to life. And, especially in 2020, with the addition of face masks and social distancing in airports and on planes, you might be… read more

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions All Over The World!

Hanging stockings, intentionally wearing horrendous sweaters, exchanging questionable cakes or leaving cookies for a visitor in the night are just a few of the ways we celebrate the holiday season in the United States. As odd as these might seem… read more

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