12 Brain-Training Apps to Keep Your Mind in Tip-Top Shape

By Tracy Wright
Brain-Training Apps

We can do just about anything and everything on our phones, even improve our daily lives. Some of us might be losing things like our minda in this prolonged social distancing spat. But, don’t worry! Technology is here to help us! With so many brain-training apps on the market, it’s hard to pick just the right one — so we did the work for you! Here are our top picks for sharpening your hippocampus, one day at a time!

1. Happify

Happify combines effective tools and programs to help maintain the brightest and happiest you. With the Happify app the goal is simple — empower users to take control of the stress and emotions that come with everyday life. iPhone and Android/Free

2. Brain HQ

Brain HQ is built on the principles of brain plasticity and looks to mold and shape your brain while improving perception, thinking and decision-making. This brain-training app has been tested in studies by researchers from leading institutions and has been shown to work in large-scale randomized clinical trials. iPhone Only/$13.99 per month/$94.99 per year

3. Lumosity

Lumosity sharpens your memory, attention and cognitive skills with daily tasks and games to keep your mind consistently challenged. iPhone and Android/$11.99 per month/$59.99 per year

4. Elevate

Elevate offers more than 35+ training activities that focus on skills associated with precision, context, visualization and more. With Elevate, pick the skills you’d like to improve and receive a personalized training program catered to your needs. iPhone and Android/$11.99 per month/$44.99 per year

5. Peak

Peak looks to exercise your mind and enhance your mental agility with daily workouts covering up to five areas of focus. iPhone and Android/Price Varies

6. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is the only brain-training app that looks to stimulate your IQ and EQ (cognitive and emotional intelligence). This app offers 60+ games, 500+ workout sessions and in-depth performance reports. iPhone and Android/$9.99 per month/$49.99 per year

7. Neuronation

Neuronation’s mission is to strengthen focus, memory and intelligence by adapting to your performance and making sure you continue to improve your overall cognitive skills every day. iPhone and Android/Price Varies

8. Eidetic

Eidetic works differently from other brain training apps by using items that have meaning and context. By focusing on a technique called spaced repetition, Eidetic helps you memorize just about anything. iPhone and Android/Free, Eidetic pro $2.99

9. Brain Wars

Brain Wars focuses on taking mental concentration and giving it a competitive flair. Players from around the world are given the chance to outscore opponents with fun, challenging puzzles. iPhone and Android/Price Varies

10. Quizlet

One of the most popular apps, Quizlet gives you the ability to take your notecards anywhere you want. Quizlet makes it fun and easy to race against the clock in a game of match, or you can enhance your studying with the ability to add images and audio. iPhone and Android/Free, Quizlet plus $14.99

11. Personal Zen

Personal Zen aims to reduce stress and anxiety by refocusing negative thoughts. This app specifically incorporates a type of therapy called attention-bias modification that looks to get users to shift their focus from a threatening stimulus, such as an angry face, to a non-threatening happy face. iPhone Only/Free

12. Headspace

Headspace wants you to treat your head right with guided meditation that helps improve awareness, anxiety and stress. This app offers 10 x 10 minute meditation exercises designed to put you on a happier, healthier path to success. iPhone and Android/$12.99 per month/$94.99 per year


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