5 Cat Breeds to Keep Your Allergies At Bay!

By Amanda Roland
sleeping cat

Cat hair doesn’t trigger allergies like most people think, according to Purina. An allergen in cat saliva is spread to their hairs which sheds onto its surroundings. Here are the top cats that’ll keep your allergies at bay.


Likened to a “poodle that purrs,” the curly-haired Devon Rex makes for a great family-friendly pet. Its sociable nature allows it to get along easily with other cats. And its pixie-like face and big eyes paired with a childlike spirit makes it an adorable pick for the family.


This friendly feline loves its human. They enjoy the best of both worlds, purring in their owner’s lap one moment and climbing up high the next. It gets along well with children and other pets. Siberians rarely need baths since they have a water-resistant coat, but brush their fluffy fur a few times a week to prevent matting.


Contrary to its bad reputation as Rachel Green’s naked pet in “Friends”, the hairless Sphynx is a sweet and affectionate cat. It’s lively in nature and adores being the center of attention. The cat is known to be devoted to its owner, purring along as it follows them everywhere. Although it has virtually no hair, this cat breed needs weekly sponge baths since it doesn’t absorb oils like other cats do.


This “aristocat” is elegant in nature, reminiscent of the slender Siamese cat. It’s long, elegant body is covered by a silky smooth coat. It’s an intelligent, talkative breed that can live up to 20 years. And the easygoing Balinese-Javanese adores people.


Bat-eared and big-eyed, the Cornish Rex is the perfect cat to liven up your day-to-day. It’s kitten-like temperament gravitates toward action, often leaping and running to different surfaces. They have wavy-textured, silky coats that are unlike other breeds, which typically have longer, stiffer hairs known as “guard hairs.”