6 Books to Enlighten the Spirit and Motivate Your Year

By Lindsey Johnson
Woman looking through books in a library

With a new year comes new beginnings! Many people use the new year as a time to reinvest in themselves and focus on self-development. Whether you’re looking for spiritual enlightenment or motivation to tackle life’s challenges, we’ve got some book recommendations to get you going. Here are 6 books to enlighten the spirit and motivate your year.

Our recommendations

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“The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle

If you’ve never read an Eckhart Tolle book, now is the time. A dark period in his history led him to spiritual enlightenment. In this powerful book, Tolle teaches us how to stop dwelling on the past, a major cause of anxiety. By learning to focus on the present, we can appreciate every detail and live in the now.

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“The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein

If you’re looking for bigger picture purpose and spiritual guidance, Gabrielle Bernstein is another author with some great reads. This book helps readers learn how to transform the fear we all experience into faith that life will work out as planned. By releasing the fear and blocks to achieving what we want in life, we open ourselves up to joy and fully experience life to its fullest.

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“Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey

This memoir by Matthew McConaughey is full of stories that will make you laugh, think, get motivated and learn how to approach life with a better attitude. In his words, “it’s a love letter. To life.” Told through a series of green lights, yellow lights and red lights, McConaughey shares his life’s ups and downs in a relatable and entertaining way.

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“Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nestor

We breathe involuntarily. But what if we’ve been doing this simple life-giving act all wrong? Nestor visits far off lands and talks to people and researchers participating in a wide variety of activities to learn about the evolution of breath among humans. In his fascinating exploration, he helps us learn why breath is so vital to our health and wellness. He also helps us learn ways to improve our own breathing techniques.

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“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed

Another memoir, “Wild” is the story of a young woman who lost her mother and her marriage, inspiring her to embark on a 1,100-mile solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail as part of her healing journey. Her trials and tribulations along the way show the true meaning of resilience and the power of the human spirit.

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“Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo

We often encounter stumbling blocks as we strive to reach our goals. Sometimes, we throw in the towel and say it can’t be done. In this book, Forleo shows us that “everything is figureoutable” with the right attitude and willingness to work hard. She helps the reader retrain the brain towards the positive and how to look for creative solutions to any problem you encounter. Get a dose of can-do attitude with this inspiring read.

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