6 Detour-Worthy Attractions to Enhance Your Vacation

By Amanda Roland

by Isabella Sorresso

We’ve all heard about the world’s largest and smallest attractions, and you might have even stopped at a few along the way during a road trip. In addition to the classic largest ball of twine, there are so many places to stop and see. We gathered our top six roadside and city attractions that you can’t help but pull over or make a detour for when you see them.

1. Mystery Spot -Santa Cruz, California

This gravitational anomaly has been drawing tourists in since the 1940s. It will turn your world sideways and leave you amazed and confused why the laws of physics don’t seem to apply in the Mystery Spot.

2. Carhence -Alliance, Nebraska

Not able to get over to England to visit Stonehenge? Nebraska has you covered. Carhenge, made up of 39 automobiles, is America’s artistic version of one the Seven Wonders of the World.

3. World’s Largest Ball of Twine -Cawker City, Kansas

That being said, this one’s a classic. You can even add more twine to the ball if you attend Cawker City’s annual Twine-A-Thon where the community bands together to make sure their world record is never beat!

4. Corn Palace -Mitchell, South Dakota

This is the world’s only Corn Palace and it is known for its uniquely themed corn murals. The Palace is redecorated every year with naturally colored corn and other grains. Each year a different theme is chosen and the murals inside the palace are designed to reflect the theme.

5. Leaning Tower of Niles -Niles, Illinois

Another European monument that America gave their own twist to is the Leaning Tower of Niles. It’s half the size of the original Leaning Tower of Pisa and while
it was originally built to hide a water tower, it’s now become a beloved part of the community.

6. Worlds’s Smallest Police Station -Carrabelle, Florida

What was once an old phone booth, has now been transformed into a tourist attraction in Florida’s Panhandle.