8 Amazing Amazon Finds For Your Next Meal Prep

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

Nothing can ruin a meal or dessert more than inaccurate measurements of key ingredients. From too much salt to not enough spaghetti, your meal can go from epic to eww in a heartbeat. We have found eight must have measuring devices that you can’t live without! Let your fingers do the shopping and head over to Amazon for our top food prep measurement devices and say goodbye to cooking mishaps for good!

Bamboo Portion Plate – $19.95

Digital Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cup – $24.98

Glass Measuring Cup with Handle and 3 Scales (oz., cup, mL) – $13.99

Baking Digital Food Spoon Scale – $9.99
0.1g to 500g Measurement Range

Olive Wood Spaghetti Measurer – $9.99

Stainless Steel Oval Measuring Cup – $11.99

Tempered Glass Digital Scale – $25.98
0.1 oz. to 22 lbs. Measurement Range


8 Piece Copper Measuring Cups and Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set with Soft Touch Silicone Handles – $20.99



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