Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

Picky Palate

Picky Palate? Here’s How to Handle It!

I don’t eat pickles, mustard, clams, avocados, guacamole, veal, relish or salsa. I will not eat raw onions under any circumstances. I do not drink beer or cider. Honey mustard, cottage cheese and sour cream are on my no-can-do list.… read more

James Bates: From Athlete to Artist

[Originally published in 2016] When you have spent the majority of your youth on the football field, the thought of venturing out into a new field can be somewhat of a daunting move, but James Bates did just that. From athlete to artist,… read more

6 Amazing Water Wonders of the World

Have you visited the six amazing water wonders of the world? If not, it's time to start your planing!With water covering up to 71% of the Earth’s surface, per the U.S. Geological Survey, there is no doubt an abundance of… read more

raw water

What is Raw Water? Consume at Your Own Risk!

Water can’t be cooked, per se, but it can be treated, boiled and tested to monitor and remove harmful contaminants that can potentially make one very sick. Despite this information, some still choose to drink “raw water.” A 2017 New… read more

4 Classic Champagne Drinks for Any Occasion

No matter the occasion, Champagne goes with just about everything! For some added festivity, try these classic Champagne drinks that everyone will love.   Classic Champagne Cocktail 5 oz. chilled Champagne Sugar cube 3 drops Angostura bitters Lemon twist Soak… read more