A Standing Ovation

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By Ashleigh Braun | Photos Courtesy of Manufacturers

While using a standing desk may be a nice and healthy alternative to sitting all day long, eight hours spent on your feet can get uncomfortable! Having a nice, cushy mat or a balance board to stand on while you work can help take the ache away, leaving you feeling supercharged and ready to tackle whatever your work day may throw your way.


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Executive Comfort Mat

$99.50+, Consolidatedplastics.com

If you have a job that requires extended standing, or you are simply using a standing desk, this durable, easy-to-clean mat may be a welcome addition to your workspace. With a long-lasting polyurethane construction that provides cushion and support, and a beveled edge to keep the mat trip-free, this mat is both comfortable and functional.


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Pono Board 2.0 Balance Board

$139.95+, Ponoola.com

This unique balance board is designed to engage your core without wobbling back and forth. The bamboo platform shifts laterally while remaining parallel to the ground, creating an adjustable, easy movement that works for all fitness levels.


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UltraSoft Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat

$52.30+, Americanfloormats.com

Made from 50 percent recycled content, the UltraSoft Diamond Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed for exceptional comfort, and the diamond-plate surface is highly resistant to wear and tear.


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Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

$149.95+, Revbalance.com

Designed to enhance your standing-while-working experience, the Focus Standing Desk Balance Board engages your entire body. The rubberized bottom surface of the board is safe to use on any surface.


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Topo Anti-Fatigue Mat

$69, Fully.com

The Topo Anti-Fatigue mat is unlike a standard, flat mat because the nature-inspired peaks and valleys encourage you to move around instead of standing on perfectly flat ground. This mat is designed to engage your muscles, return your body to its natural alignment, relieve fatigue brought on by bad posture and activate your body’s blood flow.