Adopting Your New Best Friend

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By Elayza Gonzalez

When you adopt a pet, you are welcoming a new best friend into your home. Most times, people are looking to adopt younger pets either because they are looking to start a bond with them from an early age, or simply because they are cuter. However, older pets can offer an entirely different experience and can be a better fit for your lifestyle. According to the Humane Society, there are several reasons why adopting older pets may be a better option for some prospective pet owners.

Training and discipline won’t be a problem

Older pets are usually already home-trained, so they tend to have more manners and be less destructive. Older pets usually tend to be past that phase in their lives where all they want to do is destroy your shoes and furniture, unlike puppies and kittens!

They make great companions

PAWS’ Seniors for Seniors is an adoption program that pairs senior citizens with senior pets. According to their website, research shows that companion animals help improve physical and mental health, and the lifestyle of a senior citizen is often a better match for older pets.

They have laidback personalities

Usually, the older the pet, the more relaxed they are. Older pets make calm and gentle companions. Also, because they are already more developed, older pets do not need as much exercise and activity as younger ones.

You are giving them a second chance at life

Older pets tend not be adopted as often as younger animals. But do not discount an animal just because of its age. Though you may not have as much time with an older animal than a younger one, senior pets can be just as loving!