Alachua County to Implement More Face Mask Requirements

By Amanda Roland

Alachua County commissioners held a meeting on June 23 and voted to implement more face mask requirements across the county, calling for stricter rules.

As COVID-19 cases rise in Alachua County, the commissioners agree that stricter face mask requirements could help keep the community safe and help progress the county’s economy, as reported by WCJB TV 20 News.

Under new requirements, businesses will be required to post signage about the new mask requirements and social distancing guidelines. Also, code enforcement officers will give citations to those not wearing proper face coverings when entering into businesses and stores.

“I don’t see where a business would have a problem with providing masks or hand sanitizer to folks. In some establishments, they’re already there,” Alachua County Commissioner Chuck Chestnut said.

There is no set date for when these new face mask requirements will go into effect. Stay up to date on Alachua County news by following Alachua County’s Facebook page and following WCJB TV 20 News.

by Amanda Roland


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