Alachua County’s Best Friends: Dexter + Lylah

By Wellness360 Magazine

Whether you are a horse lover, a feline fanatic or a true pup parent, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a pet–something these Alachua County residents are more than aware of! From rescues to therapy animals, these pet lovers are sharing what makes their relationship with their animals so special!

with owners Brittany Kalbaugh and Jim Asp

Lylah came into my (Brittany) life when I was a sophomore in college as a gift from my grandmother! Lylah is a very sweet and loving 9-year-old Great Dane who loves cuddling in bed and burying her head in your lap. Lylah is also a very sensitive soul and is one of the easiest going dogs I have ever owned. Although she has a sweet disposition, she has no issue putting her brother in place when he decides to test her limits! 

Dexter is a HURRICANE. He is the complete opposite of Lylah in regard to energy and listening skills! Dexter is a very sweet and needy boy who can’t stand when he is not getting attention. Although he is a bit crazy, he has managed to bring out Lylah’s youth and they love to romp around our yard together.


Dexter – Black and White Spots

Lylah – Black with White Face


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