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festive foodie

Festive Foodie Gifts Ideas!

Your inner foodie will go “bananas” over these gadgets and food finds. Whether you are in the mood for entertaining, cooking or just having a quiet glass of vino, these finds are perfect! Gift these to a festive foodie that… read more

Fall Breakfast Hash

Make This Hearty Fall Breakfast Hash At Home

On fall mornings, nothing is better than a hearty breakfast. Make this Fall Breakfast Hash this week, maybe even for Thanksgiving breakfast! Look below for the recipe. Fall Breakfast Hash Serves 6-7 (1 Cup Servings) INGREDIENTS 1 pound pork sausage… read more


Learn More About Pineapple

This juicy, subtly tangy and ever so sweet fruit has the honor of being the international symbol of hospitality since the colonial days. Aside from welcoming visitors at your door, pineapples are also overflowing with health benefits and vitamins. One… read more

Capt.Jake Bates

Ask the Expert: Capt. Jake Bates

Fishing Captain Jake Bates is a native Floridian with four years of experience as a fishing guide. He has experience guiding fishing trips in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Alaska. Capt. Bates is based out of Northeast Florida and specializes in… read more


Q&A with a beach Lifeguard

Todd Rapp’s career as a lifeguard started at a water park in 1994. Today, 26 years later, he is a firefighter and part-time beach lifeguard in Vero Beach, Florida. What do you love about being a lifeguard? The lifestyle of… read more