Alachua County’s Best Friends: Mini

By Wellness360 Magazine

Whether you are a horse lover, a feline fanatic or a true pup parent, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love of a pet–something these Alachua County residents are more than aware of! From rescues to therapy animals, these pet lovers are sharing what makes their relationship with their animals so special!

with owner Norma Berger

Mini was adopted in July 2012 as a kitten when we were camping. The family next to us were looking for homes for two kittens and my partner fell in love with her. We had his sweet old dog with us and the two also seemed to get along, so she came home with us. The little girl made us promise to keep her name, but we changed the spelling to Mini from Minnie. Little did we know how big she would be as an adult cat (13 pounds now)! 

She was a little terror as a kitten and he affectionately called her Ragnarok (the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it in Norse mythology). She grew to be an adventurous, friendly, affectionate cat who owns our corner of the neighborhood (we tried but could not keep her inside). She doesn’t like other cats (or dogs, anymore) but she loves humans and will climb onto anyone’s lap. She hates being picked up though, or petted in the wrong way, so watch out if you make a mistake! 

Years ago, she would go on long adventures that had me very worried about her, so I put a GPS tracker on her that saved her a couple of times from being missing for long. She kept losing them though, and now seems happy to stick closer to home. She really enjoys potlucks and playing with laser beams, and just recently has taken a liking to catnip in her older age.



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