Claire Carlton, MS, RD, LD/N

Eat As They do in the Mediterranean

Cultures around the world have thrived consuming a variety of traditional cuisines and staple foods unique to their region. Perhaps the most well known traditional dietary pattern for promoting health is the Traditional Mediterranean Diet (TMD), first recognized in the… read more

Mindful Eating

A Simple Guide to Mindful Eating

January brings a lot of well-intentioned goal setting for all areas of life. I especially love that the New Year can represent a clean slate and pave the way for healthy habits. It can be tempting to fall into the… read more

Cornucopia of Fall Foods

Discover a Cornucopia of Fall Foods

The fall season is upon us! And with it comes Saturday football, crisp mornings and, of course, pumpkin! PSLs anyone? As we transition into autumn, a cornucopia of fall foods becomes available at our local farmers markets and grocery stores.… read more

Claire Carlton

Ask the Expert: Ask the Nutritionist, Claire Carlton

Claire Carlton is a registered dietitian and nutritionist practicing in her hometown of Gainesville. She earned her Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida. Q. Why does your pee smell after you eat asparagus? A. Asparagus contains a compound called… read more